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How Temperature Affects CNC Performance

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CNC machining stands for computer numerical control and plays a vital role in the modern manufacturing world. Our team at Epic Tools is located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and specializes in using CNC machining alongside carbide steel to create custom carbide tools. This production system allows for highly detailed and specific measurements to be cut on rigid materials. We use carbide because we trust the durability and longevity of the material and only provide the best results for our clients. One significant aspect of our manufacturing process is understanding how temperature affects CNC machining performance. We put together this blog post to give readers a quick rundown.

Natural Climate

Where will you be conducting the CNC milling and cutting? Are you in a hot or cold climate? A CNC milling company based in Mexico City will have differing climate balancing needs than a manufacturer in Moscow, Russia. The natural environment of a city or town will influence that machine’s performance. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside, so the engine does not overheat or instead get too cold, will ensure your end-product will be to par. Air conditioning and heating systems are required to maintain comfortable temperatures inside various buildings in differing climates.

Ongoing Environment

The ongoing environment relates to what is precisely going on in the manufacturing area. Are there a lot of people? Can this result in ncreased body heat and room temperatures? Is there loud music? These small details contribute to a change in the performance of your machine. We always recommend keeping an open and quiet environment with a comfortable temperature to ensure the cutting process goes smoothly.

Nearby Heat Sources

Is your CNC machine next to a boiler? Or what about a freezer? This can cause a dramatic risk for those using the machine and the machine itself. CNC machines are best used in mild temperatures without any nearby heat sources that could influence how one uses the device.

The Machining Tool Itself

Has your instrument been inspected in the last three months? We advise all CNC users to work on machines that have been recently examined to ensure all working parts are in order. If a device is outdated or broken and is overseen, this can cause a risk of overheating. As a result of these high temperatures, you risk injuring the operator or breaking material.

Material Properties

Different materials lead to varying levels of heat. Some cutting materials are long-lasting, such as carbide, whereas others can heat up much quicker and risk someone getting hurt or something getting damaged. As a CNC operator, you are expected to know the difference between materials and how much bandwidth each textile has.

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Cutting custom carbide tools with CNC machinery takes a lot of expertise, knowledge, and skill set. We are proud of every device we send to our clients and are confident in our tooling approach. Give our team of experts a call today for all your carbide tool needs.