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Since the available carbide cutting inserts market is now dominated by an exclusive few multinational corporations, we have chosen a different path to introduce our TOTAL CARBIDE brand of carbide inserts, from MILLSTAR CANADA.

Total Carbide

The manufacturer of our inserts has the same or better skills to produce high quality cutting tools that can equal or better the “recognizable established brands” not only that but TOTAL CARBIDE brings to the table a price point that is super attractive to the small or large company involved in machining.

Our inventory includes all or most of the commonly used inserts in industry today, turning pos/neg geometries, milling, grooving, threading etc, with the appropriate carbide grades for specific materials.

We have carbide milling and turning grades that will readily machine the toughest high temperature alloys materials, Titanium-Inconel-and Nickel Based  Alloys, as well as carbide grades to handle everyday steel materials.

Our highly polished carbide inserts for Aluminum turning and milling are second to none, again at a price point that is highly competitive compared to industry leaders, in many cases our inserts have out-performed established brands by 50% !