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Tips to Reduce Tool Deflection in CNC Machining

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Epic Tool has been crafting custom carbide tools in Hamilton, Ontario, for over a decade. Our team creates lasting, durable, and exceptional tools with high-quality carbide and precise CNC machining. We know that CNC machining takes an expert in machinery and attention to detail to conduct successfully. Tool deflection is a significant issue and system failure that can happen when one is CNC machining. Our team has put together this blog post to help readers reduce tool deflection when CNC machining.

What is Tool Deflection?

CNC machines cut at an extraordinarily high and intense rate. Every machinist knows the importance of being diligent when utilizing their machines and avoiding a catastrophic failure of tool deflection. This happens when there is an uneven amount of pressure while cutting, causing bending or chipping of whatever is being cut. Tool deflection can also be referred to as tools having ‘chatter.’

How Does Tool Deflection Happen?

Tool deflection in CNC machining usually happens when the overall force of the cutting outweighs the strength of the carbide tool, causing the device to bend.

Why is Tool Deflection Important to Know About?

Understanding and reducing tool deflation are vital because it helps keep all tools of consistent quality. If a particular manufacturing company can not produce consistent results, it will negatively impact the company and push it to fail. Highly skilled manufacturers, such as those in automotive, space engineering, and so on, require identical parts to create invariable parts and products.

How to Reduce Tool Deflection?

  1. Know Whether to use Long Flute or Reach

A machinist can use either a long flute or long reach on their CNC machine. The longer the flute or reach, the more likely for deflection to occur. This is because shorter, more dense cutters are likely to last longer and be more durable.

  1. Look into the Diameter 

Thicker diameters are better for specific CNC machining tasks. Calculations are necessary for the most optimal cuts depending on the tool. Unfortunately, one standard cutting tool does not Work for every CNC task. That is why it is essential to know your calculations, optimal diameters and work with a machinist who understands these numbers.

Call Epic Tools for all your CNC Machining 

Tool deflection can be avoided if you work with a CNC machining team that is experienced, dedicated, and highly experienced in carbide cutting. Call Epic Tool today if you require a long-standing carbide machining company that can work with precise and highly detailed manufacturers’ needs! By analyzing numbers, tool sizes, material, and procedures sufficiently, you can have perfect carbide tool results without any tool deflection or chatter.