Thread Milling from ThreadSTAR | Epic Tool

The production of threaded holes by tapping is very often inconsistent and problematic, and if anything goes wrong you are looking at trying to remove a broken tap from an almost completed component.

To improve thread quality and get costs reduced, thread milling is a viable approach, hence the reason it is being used more and more by manufacturing units.

Just a few of the major benefits:

  • Superior flank and thread quality
  • Eliminate expensive tap drivers and die heads
  • Threading is consistent in most material even tough high temperature alloys
  • Allows 100% thread depth while tapping is more apt to be 65 to 75 percent
  • Left Hand and Right Hand threads external or internal can be produced with the same thread mill
  • The process requires minimal horsepower, even with milling coarse threads
  • Should the thread mill break (for any reason) it is very easy to remove