Power Generation | Epic Tool

Epic Tool has been supplying precision tooling to the power generation industry for over 8 years.   These tools are made from the most premium carbide and coated with application specific multi-layer NANO coatings.  In most instances Epic Tool is required to make these tools to tolerances better than ±0.0005”.  In order to achieve these tolerances, we have some of the most sophisticated 6-axis CNC grinding equipment available in the market places as well as state-of-the-art measuring systems to ensure this type of quality is maintained.  These tools are engineered using our 3D Grinding Simulators to ensure that the grinding path is precise and accurate.  Whether it is root tooling or other tooling forms of high precision, we offer DXF to finished product, certified by our inspection equipment.  Contact Epic Tool today for all of your Power Generation tooling Solutions.

Precision Tooling for Power Generation