End Milling Solutions | Epic Tool

We manufacture end mills in a vast variety of configurations, from 1 flute cutting to 20 flutes cutting, all designed for application areas’s in many different materials.

Our production equipment can produce tools from 0.5 mm to 50 mm in diameter

Also, we have choices to manufacture using different carbide grades dependent on the material to be machined i.e. 6% – 9% – 10% and 12% cobalt grades, each of those nano grades are applied to the appropriate specific application.

Our HYFeed end mills are manufactured in 4 or 6 flutes, straight or helical flutes, coolant through the tool or non-coolant, all as inventory standards. This tool is designed to operate at high speed and feed rates ( 600 SFM is not uncommon ) Those tools are predominately used in mould and die industries, although have found a place in the high speed machining of titanium in the medical implant industries.

End Milling Solutions

After CNC grinding our end mills they are generally edge prepped on our honing machine to preserve the cutting edges and increase the tool life by removing the “up-sharp” condition prior to coating.

We offer several tool coatings which will be determined by the specific application.