Millstar USA | Epic Tool

Our association and co-operation with the industry market leader producing mould and die profile tooling is a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Epic Tool has been the major Canadian importer and warehouse for this technology leading product for many years.


The entire MILLSTAR product line is designed for conventional profile machining , and high speed and high hard milling with modern machine tools and methods.

MILLSTAR profile milling tools represent the very best in contour and profile milling technology, resulting in shorter machining and lead times, higher accuracy, and true contouring results.

Customers include die and mould machining industries, aerospace, and medical implant manufacturers. Insert tooling is extensively used for roughing and finishing applications.

In every case the inserts are held in a “V” configuration pocket which centralizes the insert to the centre line of the tool holder with such precise accuracy, that inserts can be indexed within .0002″ repetitively.

The inserts are manufactured in every conceivable shape and form to facilitate the true profiling of shapes, radii, and cavity machining expectation.

Many grades of sub-micron carbide are used in order to provide the correct insert and geometry for the application at hand, from semi-roughing to super finishing, this along with nano tool coating matched to the material being machined becomes a formidable, unbeatable combination.