Drilling Solutions | Epic Tool

Drilling is the most common procedure performed in the machining industry and as such a great deal of research has been done on how to make this simple process more efficient.

For the most part drilling holes under .500″ diameter is performed by using solid carbide or HSS materials, diameters over .500″ can be successfully drilled by using indexable insert type tools.

At Epic Tool we manufacture solid carbide drills of multiple configurations, and geometries for simple and complicated applications: step drills, multi-diameter, drill reamers etc.

We also supply indexing drilling tools from 5/16″ to 2.0″ diameter, and up to 50 x D on tools up to 1.0″ diameter.

Drill Group

Our program also offers a very competitive “structural steel drilling” product to facilitate the CNC beam line drilling of H and U steel beams used to build our tallest buildings. We stock and service some of the largest structural industries in Canada by supplying them the necessary drill diameters from inventory.

This program offers drilling up to 10 x D deep to handle the larger beams used to build bridges and skyscrapers across our nation. Our carbide drilling inserts are manufactured from ultra micro grain material, then precisely honed and coated with a nano substrate coating to ensure an extended tool life.