Reaming Solutions | Epic Tool

As a carbide tool manufacturer we also offer a range of standard and custom reamers to suit the customer’s application, we can manufacture straight flute R.H. cut, straight flute L.H. cut, spiral flute cut both ways, step reamers etc.

Most of our reamer diameter tolerances would range from .0002″ to .001″ dependant on application.

We also supply a novel reamer we call the “speedy reamer” which can run at elevated spindle speeds of 3,700 SFM feeding at .020″ per rev, even at the higher speeds this reamer still reams to size.

For the larger diameter holes i.e. 15 mm to 40 mm we can offer an indexing reamer head fastened into a tool steel body, the ability to quickly change to a new reaming head would be ideal in a production environment where the used heads could be saved to be later reground for future use.

All of our reamers would be coated with the appropriate tool coating for the material being reamed.