Milling Cutter Solutions | Epic Tool

Our high feed milling cutters are designed primarily for high speed metal removal on lighter CNC machine tools with less horsepower than larger equipment. Because of our insert   geometry the cutting forces are directed upwards the machine spindle and as such the cutting vibrations are absorbed.

By definition high feed inserts are made with a radius minus tangent points which can cause wear patterns, the insert should move the created chips to quickly pass from the actual cut and thus allow the heavier chip loads to get to very high feed rates.

High Feed Milling Cutter

Our cutter bodies are made of tool steels to resist abrasion and withstand the cutting forces during milling, and are manufactured in their hardened state to achieve accuracy and minimal run out. All of our tool holders are manufactured to be used as coolant or air blast through the tool to provide excellent chip evacuation, the holders are also nickel coated for increased durability.

We have a complete series of tough carbide insert grades with 4 cutting edges that can be applied to specific materials to ensure high performance output.