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Understanding Types of CNC Coolant Delivery Systems in CNC

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Computer Numerical Control machining has become a gamechanger for the manufacturing industries. From aerospace or automotive to other complex and heavy-duty manufacturing industries, CNC machining has transformed industry standards. The team at Epic Tools specializes in carbide tool manufacturing with CNC machining and has put together this blog post to help current or future CNC Machinery users better understand how the process works. In this post, we will go over the different CNC coolant delivery systems and how they work.

The Role of Coolant in Computer Numerical Control

 Maintain Lubrication 

Some materials manufacturers may use when CNCing has lower melting temperatures than others. This means that come materials melt and adhere to the CNC machine. This can create various issues for the CNC technician. Coolant helps keep the machine lubricated, so there is less downtime and adhesion.

Maintain Cooling

Despite what you may think, cooling is the least needed role in utilizing CNC coolant.  You can use both air and water cooling systems, which play a minor role in transferring heat from the material to where the actual machining occurs. Water-based coolants offer sufficient cooling, which ultimately helps get the job done better and safer.

Clear Waste 

Various amounts of waste can collect during operation. The #1 reason to use a high-quality coolant is to get rid of any acquired waste or residue after cutting is complete. It also helps create a stunning finish for the products.

The Various Types of Coolant


This low-pressure delivery system uses a more immense amount of coolant to clear the entire machine, all the parts, and the tool; it is precisely what the name suggests.


This type of cooling is used where heat-reduction and waste clearing are not as needed. It is another low-pressure form of cooling. High-speed applications are best for misting coolant.

Air Cooling

In this form of cooling, a strong stream of air is dispersed onto the material and CNC machine. Since this form does not use any water, it is not the most effective for maintaining lubrication. However, it does clear chips and material waste well.


High-pressure jetting cooling can efficiently blast away all chips left over after machining. Still, the strength of this coolant type needs to be made to the technician because jetting can chip away some material from the primary tool and workpiece.

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