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The Mold and Die Tooling Industry

mold and die tooling

Mold and dies are extremely crucial to mass production in the manufacturing industry. Sheet metal and other forms of metal are shaped using different processes such as stamping, forming, etc., depending on dies. Molds find utility in injection molding, for instance, melted resin or casting molten metal. Dies are mostly associated with metal, while molds are most associated with plastic.

The different materials that are used for molds and dies, such as steels with carbon or chromium content die, or high-speed steel and cemented carbide, are challenging to find. In order to balance the shortage in supply, molds and dies are cut using CNC machining methods.

Needs and Challenges of Mold and Die Industry

 It’s helpful to break down the needs of the mold and die industry and the challenges faced to comprehend the advantages that 5-Axis CNC machining offers. Below is a list of challenges encountered in the Die and Mold industry:

  • The mold and die industry is capital intensive
  • While the manufacturing costs are consistently increasing, the price of mold and die are stagnant, thus threatening the survival of competitors
  • Automation of shops has eliminated human input which has caused a scarcity of skilled personnel in operating machines that create dies and molds
  • The greatest challenge to the domestic market is shifting mold-making to overseas sources

The industry requires technology to help manufacturers work cost-effectively but still produce precise products of high volume at shorter times. This necessity makes 5-Axis CNC machining the best solution to conquer the situation. Here at Epic Tool, we offer this solution.

The Future of Die and Mold Industry

Mold and die, one of the major contributors to the global economy, is a game-changer for industries like packaging, plastics, auto components, electronics, electricals, machine tools, and more!

New opportunities such as aluminum metal injection molding, automation in the die casting process, high demand from construction activities, 3D printing, casting, and forging techniques are driving the market forward. It is estimated that the Global Die and Mold Industry is set to reach US$95. 1 Billion by the year 2027.


The Die and Mold Industry is the mother industry of the manufacturing world. Due to the global economic and technological circumstances, it is necessary to direct the mold and die industry towards optimized costing, improved efficiency, and advanced forecasting. The 3D printing for prototyping, 5-Axis CNC precision machining, rapid tooling systems, and using advanced CAM/CAD tools will drive the growth of the die and mold sector.

Here at Epic Tool, we are dedicated to doing just that.