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The Future of the Machining Industry

future of machining

The future of the machining industry is concentrated on the increased implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into machine operating applications. You might assume that this means the human component will become obsolete, but that’s not the case at all. The hands on component makes everything happen in the first place. Humans are needed for upgrading and maintaining CNC machines to ensure they continue proper functionality. The role of humans is evolving, but that’s inevitable. In most cases, machines will become less dependent on humans and more dependent on themselves to operate efficiently.


The Emergence of Technology

 Talking to computer technology, such as asking Siri to send a text for you, has become the new norm. It’s so common that we don’t think about the impact it has on the industrial world. The truth is, it’s significant and has been happening for the last decade. If you’re not knowledgeable of the latest technology, as it applies immensely to the machine world, you will fall behind the curve.


How does this apply to the machining industry?

 The technological enhancements being introduced to the machining industry are emphasizing application language while getting more results with less keystrokes. As we know, talking to the computer rather than typing in instructions has greatly benefited many typing-challenged machinists. Not to mention the autocorrelation feature on most text-dominated programs.

The current trend is to get MaaS (Manufacturing as a Service) to work with customer demands for products. This means eliminating the middleman. This might be a local dealer, distributor, or warehouse. The goal is for customers to order products directly from the manufacturer which saves time and money.


Adapting to Change

The question isn’t whether or not you should adopt the new technology. The real question is which technology should you adapt to your situation. If you need CNC machining, it’s important to know the applications and constant upgrades to machine tech have produced the 6-axis CNC machine which is put to use here at Epic Tool. This incredible machine cuts and designs products like never before, which is why it’s currently the holy grail for manufacturing.


Is an advanced degree in computer science needed?

The answer is no, but it would be beneficial to speak with your machinery suppliers about classes and training that would enhance your current education. It’s time to embrace the future and play your part in it by familiarizing yourself with the latest news in industry magazines and periodicals. Networking is essential, don’t be afraid to reach out to other machinists like the ones here at Epic Tool. You can learn so much just from one conversation!


The Long Run

Times are changing and so is technology. Experienced machine operators have seen those changes. They understand that in order to separate from the competition they have to stay educated and never stop learning. Remember, working smart is just as important as working hard. That’s what we’re all about at Epic Tool.