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The Growing Popularity of Tungsten Carbide

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Epic Tool is a Hamilton CNC machinery company specializing in tungsten carbide. Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to providing the most exceptional customer service and crafting premium carbide tools for all our clients. We have seen it bloom and gain more popularity throughout our time in the carbide industry. This blog article will unpack the top reasons why we believe tungsten carbide is a superior choice and discuss the advantages of working with it.

  1. Longevity

One of the top reasons so many manufacturers and businesses choose carbide is its longevity. A carbide tooltip will last 20 or 30 times longer than a tip made with an alternative material. Manufacturers need to depend on their machine parts and crafting tools. Whether it is an automotive or aerospace manufacturing business, they need to trust their tools with last. Having to repair parts of a machine on a temporary basis can be costly and time-consuming. Carbide retains its strength and has an overall longer tool life. Steel and other materials do not have the same elemental components and therefore break and chip much easier than carbide.

  1. High-Quality Finishes

Smooth finishes on your new tools are fundamental for customer satisfaction and overall tool quality. When you work with a weaker material such as steel, there can be unevenness and inconsistency in the cutting bit, resulting in an uneven finish. By working with an experienced machinist who knows which size diameters to use and a high-powered material like tungsten, you will receive shiny, even and perfect tooling solutions. Manufacturing companies know the value of using consistently aesthetic and robust tools, which is another reason so many of them prefer to work with carbide.

  1. You Get What You Pay For

Carbide is the superior material. Technicians can work this tool faster, for a more extended amount of time, at higher temperatures and without breakage. The longevity will be extended if you work with a highly skilled CNC machinist who knows their way around the material and machine. Typically tungsten carbide can be more expensive than its counterpart competitors, but you get what you pay for. Instead of having to replace tool parts or get them fixed, when you buy carbide, you are purchasing an excellent long-term investment for your business.

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Our technicians have considerable expertise in crafting and distributing custom carbide tools for manufacturers. Contact us today if you are a newer manufacturing business or a seasoned owner looking to find a new tooling solutions company. We would love to discuss the advantages of working with us and carbide.