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Using Custom Carbide Tools to Create a More Competitive Business

Carbide tooling solutions and companies that use their products have a significant advantage working with the rigid material of Carbide for their business needs. Epic Tool is based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and works exclusively with carbide. We proudly produce upwards of 300 custom carbide tools a day and manufacture everything on our Canadian soil! We want to provide our current and potential clients with an understanding of just how advantageous working with this remarkable material can be for your business! This article will unpack how custom carbide tools and end mills can create a more competitive business for yourself.

Unique Tools for Your Trade

You can’t be all things to every customer; some people will prefer different brands, styles and builds. However, from a business standpoint, if you offer a unique manufacturing process with dynamic and less common machinery, which produces impressive and more elevated results, you will have less competition. We can provide manufacturers with robust and uniquely different tools for their manufacturing process, which other companies may not have the capability to do.

Exceptional Quality

Carbide is a highly resilient material made of robust components that stay sharper longer than regular steel. Carbide allows tool bits to cut faster than alternative materials and produce excellent and highly detailed results. The quality you get working with this premium material is a higher grade than softer and weaker materials. This initial investment in this valuable medium will trickle down and help produce high-grade production results.

Create Trust in Your Clients

If you are a business owner in the manufacturing industry and consistently produce high-quality and sound results for your clients, you will build trust. Offering a steady and constant development will create a higher-regarded and trusted business. If business decision-makers decide to cut costs and work with a weaker material, you will likely come across defective products or results with less longevity. Your clients will use the products you produce and see how quickly they will need repairs or replacements; this creates a lack of trust and competition in your business model!

Call Epic Tools for your Carbide Tooling Solutions 

We hope this blog article pushes aspiring or current manufacturing companies to understand the importance of choosing high-quality materials and tools for their businesses. When you invest in trusted and industry-leading tooling solutions for your own business, you will likely produce the same high caliber inside your business as well. Call our team for all your Canadian custom carbide tooling solutions!