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Why Epic Tool is Part of Hamilton’s Fastest Growing Companies

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The team here at Epic Tool Inc is very proud to be a part of Hamilton’s Fastest Growing Companies. We are a tooling solutions company with a wide range of standard and custom products, serving a handful of skilled industries across North America since 2005. We will highlight some of the reasons we are recognized for our excellence and are one of Hamilton’s fastest-growing companies.

  1. Specialization

We have taken upon our founders and team to become the top producing carbide tooling solutions company in Canada and North America. This specialization has allowed for both significant challenges and benefits in the city of Hamilton. There was a considerable untold effort, planning and organization required to build this company from the ground up. We still continually strive to be the top manufacturer of both standard and custom carbide tools in Hamilton and across the country.

  1. Various Industries

We are proud to be the first choice of many innovative and highly valued industries that create a better tomorrow. We work with the power generation industry, automotive, aerospace and mold and die industries. In our 16 years of business we have cultivated tremendous and trustworthy relationships with owners and workers within these spheres, so much that our team is their first choice for all their carbide orders. This array of trust over a wide spectrum of industries proves that we are a reliable and dependable company and adds to why we have grown so quickly.

  1. Manufacturing Excellence

The materials that our carbide tools are machining and cutting today are not the same as yesterday. Understanding this, we use the most cutting-edge technology, materials and techniques to produce our clients with excellence. Our standard is nothing short of the highest in the industry, and our team ensures this through rigorous training and testing for each product we produce. Our manufacturing standards and excellence is another reason why Epic Tool Inc has made such a highly regarded reputation in the carbide tooling solutions and Hamilton business communities.

  1. We Expect to Grow Continually

Although we have a roster of exceptional clients, we always accept more companies who need unparalleled tooling solutions for their work. Whether you are in aerospace or automotive, we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce custom carbide products for your workspace. If you have any questions about carbide tooling solutions or the Hamilton business community, contact our team of experts to chat today.