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Everything You Need to Know About CNC Conversion Kits and Machining

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The team here at Epic tool specializes in custom carbide tool manufacturing for an array of industries. We know the ins and outs of CNC machining like the back of our hands and understand how valuable this production method is for our clients and their lines of work. Below we have given you a rundown of everything you need to know about CNC conversion kits.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and it is one of the most favoured types of machines for cutting and drilling metal or carbide. CNC conversion kits are the extension that is added onto a milling machine and will make your metal fabrication state-of-the-art, more accurate and faster.

CNC Mill vs CNC Conversion kit?

The greatest advantage of choosing a CNC conversion kit is that it offers a cost-effective way of upgrading obsolete machinery. Conversion kits come in an array of prices but are almost always 50% less of the cost of a new CNC machine – and if you find a used one, it can be even more affordable.

On the other hand, a CNC Mill is fully operated through a computer with no operation required. This makes a CNC mill much more expensive than purchasing a conversion kit for a drilling machine you already own.

CNC Machining Conversion Kit Capabilities

You could say CNC machining has no limits. Depending on the number of axis your machine has, many tools and cuts can be manufactured from your CNC conversion kit and drilling machine.

A 3-axis machine will always produce exact cuts and results, but a 5-axis machine can rotate more and create more dynamic cuts; it depends on the line of work you are in and what you or your company needs.

What Sectors Can Benefit From CNC Machining and Conversion Kits

Many industries need high-quality metal and carbide tools for their line of work and service offerings. The following sectors likely need regular CNC tools and cuts.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial machinery
  • Food & beverage
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Why Choose CNC Milling and Conversion Kits?

Depending on the size and capabilities of your line of work or company, investing in a CNC milling and conversion kit can be an invaluable decision. CNC machining has made itself known as one of the most effective and reliable ways of producing parts. Instead of paying the high ticket price for a machine of your own, Epic Tools and other carbide cutting companies specialize in creating custom parts and tools, so you don’t have to. If your line of work requires any custom carbide tools, end bits or other metal parts, contact our team today to answer all your questions and inquiries.