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How the Manufacturing Industry Will Change in Canada in 2021

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The team here at Epic Tool Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing custom carbide tooling, all of which are made through highly detailed CNC grinding. From automotive to aerospace, we produce for an array of Canadian manufacturers. This blog post will highlight how these industries may shift this year and what you can expect.

Post Pandemic Recovery

The economy can finally begin to recover now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifted for most of the public. Production rates are set to go back to normal, and therefore, highly demanded industries such as automotive can resume business as usual. It is expected to take some time, but recovery is in sight.

Increase of Remote Work

The 2019 global pandemic completely altered the workforce as we know it. More and more workers have become encouraged to work from home. How may this affect the manufacturing industry? Would remote management become an option? Are there still qualified line workers looking for work in major cities? The result of increased remote work opportunities will play out as the second half of 2021 passes.

Emerging and Innovative Technology

This year will continue to see new manufacturing methods popularize. Examples such as 3D Printing, remote CNC milling, and faster, more efficient machinery will increase the quantity and produce more contemporary, higher standards. Emerging manufacturing technology is sure to show up more in 2021, and we expect our clients and the general industries will look forward to adopting these innovative options.

More Demanding Production Cycles

Faster production cycles have become the new norm simply due to the increase in demand. More need for cars, houses, and science innovation has put immense pressure on manufacturing companies to assume larger quantities. No matter the company’s size, more demanding quotas are likely to be felt across all corporations. With the pairing of more innovative technology, more experienced, and a sizeable workforce, we expect this increase to be seamless, and demand rates maintained.

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We love working among some of the top Canadian manufacturers in automotive and aerospace. We understand the past COVID-19 pandemic has created immense change in the production world, but the team at Epic Tool believes any changes made will be in the customers’ best interest. We are committed to providing our manufacturing clients with top-quality carbide tools so they can continue to do their jobs with ease. If you have any questions about CNC milling or carbide, give us a call today!