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Why Carbide Remains One of the Most Popular Tool Materials

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The Team here at Epic Tool in Stoney Creek, Ontario, is proud to work with one of the most robust and most widely used materials, Carbide, on a daily basis since 2005. From CNC milling to custom carbide tool cuts, we are not only happy but proud to use this material in our everyday life, and this blog post will highlight some of the major reasons why and why you should too.

The History of Carbide

The use of tungsten carbide goes back to the early 1920s when the German electrical bulb company, Osram, looked for substitutes to the costly diamond drawing dies. They discovered that this strong and highly durable material is produced by blending micro tungsten carbide and nickel powder.

The Advantages of Carbide

Since its initial discovery, it has been used as the foundational material for cutting tools. Here are some advantage highlights to using this textile and why our Team chooses to too.


The strength in Carbide is unparalleled, even to steel and other tool materials. Industries such as carpentry, automotive, and aerospace deal with extremely thick and tough materials. This means they need an even stronger material to cut them. Carbide has a unique strength and does not break when used against hardwoods or steels.


Since Carbide is tougher than its counterparts, this means it is resistant to breakage and high temperatures. This is ideal when you want to create a highly detailed tool or object. When you work with Carbide, you won’t have to worry about breakage.

More Value

Carbide allows companies and manufacturers to get more bang for their buck. You are able to work with a tooler longer, faster, and more efficiently than its steel counterpart. You may invest more initially, but it is well worth the price in the long run.

Innovative Industries Need the Best

The discovery of this revolutionary material has allowed innovative industries such as aerospace, automotive and more to create groundbreaking strides for the world as a whole. The tools we build innovative help industries do their job. Without the basis of Carbide as a material and our dedicated Team learning how to work with it, the manufacturing world would not be the same!

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Epic Tool is dedicated to crafting standard and customized carbide tools for all industries at very competitive prices. We have been serving North American manufacturers for over ten years and will continue to do so as our company and our clients’ companies grow.