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Tips For Improving Machining Tolerances

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Here are Tips to Help You Maintain a Tight Tolerance:


  1. Machine Maintenance

Maintenance is a big factor that affects performance. Even though CNC mills usually have minimal deflection, things may move with time, causing variances. In order to maintain a tighter machine tolerance, it’s important that the machine is well serviced. You should consider scheduled servicing by the manufacturer and consistent annual calibration. The manufacturers have the right tools designed for calibration to ensure your device is in excellent shape.


  1. CNC Warm-Up Routine

One of the primary objectives that you must do with your machine is to warm it up. Just like maintenance, it should be a regular routine. In addition, make sure the lubrication and bearing of your machine is also warmed daily. When the machine reaches operating temperatures, it will not experience any dimensional changes.


  1. Temperature Control in Machining

It is essential to maintain stable environmental temperatures during manufacturing. This one is pretty straight-forward: temperature fluctuations may lead to changes in the dimension of your machine piece. By stabilizing the material’s temperature, you are drastically improving the accuracy of the final product.


  1. Choosing the Right CNC Tools

It is so important that you have the right tools in place. To obtain faster machining and reduce tool wear, you need to consider using firm and sharp tools for cutting.


  1. Using the Best Material for the Job

The material you use determines the specific tolerance that you can achieve because certain materials may flex during the machining process. For example, soft materials are a lot more challenging to use versus hard material when achieving particular tolerances.


  1. Spindle Speed

Each production stage has its own speed and the materials you are using and the complexity of your parts will determine the right speed to use. It is usually best if you work with engineers for interpretation and optimization of the entire workflow. They will help you understand what to do from start to finish of the manufacturing process.


Maintain your CNC machines for optimal performance

To achieve tight tolerance in CNC machining, you have to ensure each of the above measures are being deployed. A slight deviation can create a considerable variation in the precision of the product that you make, so the best way to achieve consistency is to have a maintenance routine in place to ensure your machines are running in tip-top shape.

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