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4 & 6 Flute High Feed End Mills

flute high feed end mills

High-efficiency milling has gotten a lot of attention in recent years as a way to substantially increase metal removal rates with solid carbide end mills on almost any kind of milling machine. Although, a common mistake is that many shops confuse HSM (high speed machining) with HFM (high feed machining).  A High Feed End Mill […]

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Vapor Deposition Techniques: PVD

Aircraft Manufacturing

Vapor deposition techniques are the preferred processes for thin coatings because the techniques produce products with superior hardness, wear resistance, smoothness and oxidation resistance on tools such as end-mills, drills and reamers. These thin coatings made through vapor deposition are typically able to function in unique, high-stress environments. Of the two general categories of vapor […]

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Different Types of Thread Taps

Different Types of Thread Taps

At Epic Tool we understand that there are many different types of thread taps with various uses and purpose. On top of that, there are also many different things to look at when selecting the proper tap such as material, volume of holes, coolant supply, rigid or floating holders, as well as the tap material, […]

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