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Must-know CNC Machine Safety Basics

CNC safety

With the increase of CNC machines being used in the manufacturing industry, it’s important that the same consideration is deployed to the safety protocols of handling CNC machines.

If you’re in hopes of learning about CNC machine safety, then you’re in the right place. This blog is all you need to know.

5 CNC Machining Safety Measures

1.     The Emergency Button
  • Accidents can happen at any given time but machines are programmed to function continuously. This is when you need to know where the emergency button is located on the machine to switch it off instantly. In addition, you need to understand the functionality of every button on the CNC machine. The better your understanding, the quicker you can stop an issue from occurring.
2.     Protection Gear
  • Another CNC machine safety measure involves using the ear protection gear. The noise from the machine itself is loud enough to permanently damage your ears.
  • Similarly, you need to have safety glasses to protect your eyes from any debris.
  • Furthermore, safety shoes and a head cap should be worn so that no physical harm takes place while the CNC machine is doing its job.
3.     Soundproof Casing
  • While the CNC machine is doing its job, cutting carbide and other heavy metals, there is the potential for the small particles to fly away. In order to stop them from flying and creating a loud noise, a soundproof casing is required.
4.     Safety Fence
  • Safety fencing or guard fence is an integral part in protecting the CNC machine operators from machinery-related hazards. The fence creates a perfect barrier between the machine and the operator, ultimately reducing the risk of any injury.
5.     Ensure That The Operator Is Trained
  • No matter how many safety precautions are in place, if the operator is untrained the hazards are likely to happen, nonetheless. Considering that the majority of the work will be done by the CNC machine, there are instances where companies will appoint less trained or not-sufficiently skilled employees to monitor the machines, hence the consequences.
  • Once these 5 CNC machine safety measures are set in place, the potential for any accidents will be avoided, creating a safe and stress-free workplace, like ours at Epic Tool.

Additional Things You Should Look Out For:

  • Ensure that the CNC machine isn’t switched on when loading tool magazines.
  • Ensure that the tools are not blunt or cracked.
  • Double-check that the tools are set correctly.
  • Test the tools before setting them in the CNC machine.
  • Focus while you monitor the CNC machine.

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