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How to Prevent Breakage and Chipping on Carbide End Mills

Carbide End Mills

Carbide end mills are made to last the test of time for various projects and materials. Any contractor understands this and will happily invest in custom carbide tools for their projects and businesses. The team at Epic Tool Inc understands this but still wants to offer some tips on how to prevent any possible breakage on your custom carbide tools throughout your workday or project.

Be Mindful of Depth Changes

If you are drilling a particular piece of wood, it is wise to understand the differing diameters across the entire section you are drilling. If you get closer to a corner, the thickness may suddenly increase, resulting in a change of pressure and control. Adjust your pressure and control accordingly, so the end mill does not abruptly move.

Increase the Speed

The full potential of your carbide cutting capability can not be achieved unless the tool’s speed is up to par. Even if the rotation of the device is increased, you may not get the end result you were hoping for without sufficient tool speed.

Make Sure to Focus

Take your time and carefully plan out what and where you are cutting, the diameters, the specific lengths and pencil them in. These extra steps are great to practice when it comes to drilling with carbide end mills. These extra-precautionary steps will ensure your end mills avoid potential breakage.

Store Sufficiently

When you finish using your end mills on a project, store them in their protective packages or toolboxes. Having an organized, protective space for your custom carbide end mills guarantees that they will remain in good shape for the long term.

Ordering carbide end mills and bits is a highly valuable investment for your projects, business or passion project. Having extra tips and tricks on maintaining the quality of your end mills will ensure you will have them for years down the road. If you have any questions about custom carbide tools, end mills or bits, contact the team at Epic Tool Inc today.