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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Carbide Steel Industry

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It is no doubt COVID-19 has created unsurmountable impacts on all industries across Canada and the globe.

Epic Tool works exclusively with the power generation, automotive, aerospace and Mold and Die making industries, all of which have taken a hit from the global pandemic.

Many manufacturing industries have been pushed back and had regular production numbers pushed back.

However, with over a year in the books, industries have increased their bandwidth and capabilities with managing the pandemic. It turns out COVID-19 may not have caused such detrimental impacts as was once projected.

Municipal, state and federal governments have worked closely with creating the most optimal line of attack for keeping companies and government production efforts on track.

Few construction sites and manufacturing plants have been shut down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic unless mass breakouts were reported.

This is a good sign for those manufacturers and producers of the steel and carbide industry, as the demand for these custom and necessary resources remain stable.

If we are to look at the international construction and infrastructure industry in China, for example, the world saw that country built large-scale hospitals in a matter of a few days and weeks amid the crisis peak.

This type of construction work called for excess demand on steel and other building material.

This is an opportunistic event for steel manufacturers and suppliers, which they may not have planned or accounted for before the pandemic.

Amid the long-term stresses the steel industry has felt within the problematic last year, we believe local, and federal governments are doing their best to keep people showing up to work, developing new projects and building infrastructure. All of which stems from steel and carbide manufacturing.

This attack plan allows local workers to keep their jobs and will enable infrastructure projects to remain on schedule and the carbide industry in good health.

Here at Epic Tool, we remain optimistic alongside our clients by providing them with the exact high-quality, premium and custom-made tooling solutions.

We hope others within the carbide tool industry and similar construction and contracting industries remain confident regarding the pandemic and look to see other opportunities arise out of COVID-19.