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A Quick Guide to CNC Cutting

CNC cutting has evolved with major leaps

Regardless of the shape, design, edge, or opening – CNC Cutting machines can manage basically anything you throw at it. However, it wasn’t always that way. Right after its arrival in the 1950s, CNC Cutting was quite simple when compared with the high-tech that emerges from CNC machines on today’s production floors.

The first CNC machines were two-dimensional, meaning they could only make cuts horizontally or vertically. Once the third dimension was implemented, everything took off from there. For many generations of hard-working operators and machinists, there weren’t many choices available for CNC technology. Thanks to modern technology, the choices are endless today.


CNC machines come in all shapes and sizes

The wide range and unique variety of technologies available in CNC engineering are significantly greater than what a short article can detail, but to give you a brief idea, listed below are the major machine type categories to help you understand where we’re at today. 

Here are a dozen major types of CNC machines:

Lathe – Turns materials while working unlike other types of CNC equipment. Very easy to operate and requires little floor space.

Mill – Extremely precise tolerances for all types of material removal. Works with 3, 4, 5, and 6 axis technology. Computer training is very helpful.

Drill – A simpler design in CNC production that precisely punches holes and other openings in piecework. Operation is straight-forward and the configuration is small.

Grinder – Removes material using specialized surfactants and lubricants to achieve desired surfaces and contours.

Router – Cuts a channel into the material and creates specially designed edge contours on the inside and outside corners of workpieces.

Electric Discharge – Similar to a spot welder, this machine accurately places and welds materials together within tight tolerances.

Laser – Tremendously accurate cutting of mild materials like wood, plastic, paper, and nylon using light transmitters.

Plasma – Cuts through the toughest of materials such as steel and aluminum with high accuracy and speed.

3D Printer – As the name implies, this CNC Cutter works like a 3D printer by removing and shaping work materials from all angles.

3, 4, 5, and 6-Axis – Most would agree, this is the heart and soul of CNC machining – working on workpieces from every conceivable angle with all kinds of tools.

Pick and Place – Accuracy down to millionths of a millimeter, these machines are one-of-a-kind apart from all the others in the CNC world.

Tool Changer – Able to rapidly and accurately remove work tools from spindles and replace them with other tools to continue production processes.

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