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5 Things You Need To Know About Aerospace CNC Machining

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#1 – Parts Made of Lightweight Metals are Crucial to the Performance of Aircraft

Aluminum and titanium are the most used metals in aircrafts for a reason.

Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter, while aluminum which isn’t as strong is about 33% lighter. These lightweight metals help increase fuel economy and overall efficiency of the aircraft. The only problem is: these metals are often very challenging to machine manually, which is when CNC Machining comes into the picture.

CNC machinery boasts compatibility with a wide range of materials and is heavily relied on to fabricate these metals.

#2 – CNC Rapid Prototyping is a Major Key in Aerospace R&D

R&D is an essential function in the aerospace industry, and CNC machining is at the forefront of the process. CNC machines rely on 3D CAD models and computer instructions to create parts, which demands aerospace engineers to rapidly create new prototype designs, test them right away, and if needed, revise them.

CNC rapid prototyping allows aerospace companies to minimize production costs and overall company expenses since it eliminates the need to invest in tools. More importantly, it helps aerospace companies meet regulatory requirements.

#3 – 5-Axis CNC Machines Fabricate More Complex Designs

The evolution of technology has made aerospace part designs become more and more complex. For example, NASA’s Orion bulkhead (which is the part that keeps the crew safe during their journey) is domed near the heat shield and features pockets normal to its surface. In addition, aircraft landing gears and fuselage sections are massive, feature meticulous details, and require extremely tight tolerances.

5-axis CNC milling machines are responsible for manufacturing these complex parts. They can achieve angles that are most likely impossible to achieve using a 3 or 4 axis machine.

#4 – AI-assisted CNC Machinery is Guiding Aerospace Part Production into the Future

Present-day CNC machines used in the aerospace industry now include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning software. This allows aerospace companies to analyze accurate production metrics, achieve aerospace part production goals and improve the quality and consistency of machined aerospace parts.

#5 – Precision is Most Important in Aerospace Parts Machining

Like in many other industries, aerospace companies rely on many third-party manufacturers for different parts. These parts typically require tight tolerances and must precisely fit together with parts created in other machine shops and therefore room for geometrical errors during manufacture is entirely eliminated.

Through accurate CNC machining, aerospace companies are able to create precise parts with exact specifications, ultimately achieving the smallest of tolerances. Here at Epic Tool, we’ve been successfully providing aerospace tooling solutions to many different companies thanks to the exceptionally high standards of quality we deploy.

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